Our fleyeVision 100% print inspection system guarantees perfect results, prevents costly customer rejections and delivers an impressive return on investment.

Fast, accurate 

and fully automated

Designed and developed by A B Graphic International, fleyeVision works seamlessly with our own finishing equipment, meaning accuracy and reliability are guaranteed.

  • Accurate, real time identification of faults
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Checks reflective surfaces, reflex foils and even holographs



fleyeVision can be configured to meet your inspection requirements exactly. In addition to checking for scratches, hickeys and letter or text irregularities, it can detect register shifts or colour deviations.

fleyeVision is also fully compatible with our workflow solution, ABG Connect. This roll mapping facility detects and records errors at the printing or converting stage, which can subsequently be corrected at the downstream rewinder. It can improve processing speeds, avoid waste, guarantee 100% accuracy and eliminate the need for a second inspection system at the rewinder.

  • High speed digital cameras – for accurate, real time identification of faults.
  • Flexible – inspection parameters can be fine tuned to meet your needs, then saved for future reference.
  • Easy to use – via intuitive touch screen control.
  • LED illumination – enables reflective surfaces, even reflex foils and holographs, to be checked.
  • Versatile – can be used on a printing press, converter, rewinder or pharmaceutical control machine.



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