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A climate-conscious approach to metallized embellishment. ECOLEAF is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly metallization technology, used to embellish labels, folding cartons, and flexible packaging.

ECOLEAF is a sustainable solution that utilises a ‘liquid foil’ to completely eliminate the waste materials found with conventional hot and cold foil processes. ECOLEAF reduces the amount of CO2 produced in the metallization process by over 50%, SEVEN times less than conventional cold foiling and the equivalent of planting over 80 trees.

This solution creates the same high-quality embellishment as traditional foils by using the exact same PVD metal pigments, just without the plastic carrier and associated waste. Enjoy the same quality finish in a climate-conscious alternative. 1 KG of ECOLEAF metal pigment is the equivalent to 3 TONNES of conventional foil!

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Rose Label

Material: Adestor High Gloss WS
Production: Flexographic
Trigger Image: ECOLEAF TI-RS UV 120

Wine Label

Material: Avery Dennison AF970 HGW Premium FS
Production: Digicon Flatbed Screen
Trigger Image: ECOLEAF TI-FB UV 310

Elephant Label

Material: Zanders Chromolux 900E
Production: Digicon Flatbed Screen
Trigger Image: ECOLEAF TI-FB UV 310

Tree Label

Material: Fedrigoni Cast Gloss
Production: Digicon Flatbed Screen
Trigger Image: ECOLEAF TI-FB UV 320
OPV: OPV-F UV Gold 109

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